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Newcastle Brown Ale: from Miners to Hipsters

For Geordies, Newcastle Brown Ale, Broon or dog – never Newky Brown – still remains as one of the defining icons of Tyneside’s culinary heritage. A dark brown, malty brew, said by some to work like rocket fuel, and said by others, to cause you to go on a mad one in Toon. While the… Continue reading Newcastle Brown Ale: from Miners to Hipsters

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Toon on Television: Spender

‘So tell me about Newcastle.’ Detective Spender: ‘You read the paper’s don’t you? Full of winos, pushers, junkies, dole-wallers…England’s armpit.’ With Spender (1991-1993), Jimmy Nail teams up with writer Ian La Frenais in what first appears as a thinly disguised attempt to rescue Nail from typecast obscurity following his part in the seminal Geordie favourite… Continue reading Toon on Television: Spender