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A Few Views from the Tyneside Cinema Roof


Yesterday, I was frantically trying to take the perfect photo of the crumbling Old Paramount Theatre (also known as the Old Odeon) on Pilgrim St. for a forthcoming blog post on this site, from Pilgrim St., Blackett St. and High Friar Lane, but unfortunately could never get quite the right angle (this will be obvious from some of the photos in this gallery). My quest ultimately led me up onto the Tyneside Cinema’s roof, a site which offered numerous vantage points, and the opportunity to see the city from above with fresh eyes. Here are few photos (including one of Grey St. for reference!):

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One thought on “A Few Views from the Tyneside Cinema Roof

  1. Love your photos moody, dickensian and I have great memories of going to the Odeon. I’m a country girl and my parents used to leave me and my brother in there in the fifties while they did something else. It was magical and I never wanted to leave – you could watch films on a loop in those days. Annoying when you spotted your dad crawling along the aisle to get you out.


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